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    History’s great achievers—Napoleon, da Vinci, Mozart—have always managed themselves. That, in large measure, is what made them great, according to Peter F. Drucker, father of modern management theory. This principle is especially relevant to emergency medicine today. The founders of our specialty and the wave of emergency physicians that followed them have carved us a [...]

    The post Emergency Physicians Emerge as Healthcare’s Management Specialists appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    If emergency physicians are going to have a chance at influencing healthcare policy in Washington, they’re going to need to get serious about organizing and fundraising. The power of unions is legendary. The Teamsters, formed in 1903, now boast more than 1.3 million members and are the 11th largest campaign contributor in the United States. [...]

    The post What Emergency Medicine Can Learn from the Teamsters appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    “[P]eople are no longer going to the emergency room and they now have good health care, they’re now getting preventive care.”President Barack Obama, September 24, 2013 Read the counterpoint by Seth Trueger here The optimism of those emergency physicians who have supported the expansion of Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act is built on the assumption [...]

    The post Expanding Medicaid Will Hurt Emergency Departments appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    Last month, Rick Bukata suggested that ACEP open its gates to non-boarded EPs. 
This would be an insult to EM residencies, and would set our specialty back decades. Last month’s editorial by Dr. Rick Bukata re-ignited the debate over the role of board certification in emergency medicine. The American Academy of Emergency Medicine’s (AAEM) position [...]

    The post Opening Wide the Door to Non-Certified Docs is a Step in the Wrong Direction appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    NQF and CMS are attempting to regulate treatment for a disease we can’t really define, which could force emergency physicians to adhere to non-evidenced based guidelines The National Quality Forum (NQF) recently adopted a metric for adherence to sepsis protocols which included recommendations for initial screening and resuscitation, hemodynamic support, and other supportive therapy for [...]

    The post Sepsis: A Mandate In Search of a Meaning appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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  • 05/01/15--11:32: The New Payment Paradigm
  • 10 reasons why emergency medicine shouldn’t bear the blame for healthcare’s “value” problem Listen up: the way that insurers pay for medical care is going to radically transform in the next 5-10 years. Along with the many health policy changes that come with the Affordable Care Act of 2010, payment reform will bring new “models” [...]

    The post The New Payment Paradigm appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    After transitioning from the “big box” ED to a freestanding emergency center (FEC), I was amazed by how our performance metrics, and my outlook, improved Who’s your favorite Bond? Personally, until Daniel Craig put on the tuxedo, nobody ‘did it better’ than Sean Connery. Not even Sir Roger Moore. But during Mr. Craig’s performance in [...]

    The post FECs: New Face, Better ‘Bond’ appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    Until the government stops treating emergency physicians as the scapegoat for opiate addiction, we won’t be able to address the real issues facing this challenging patient population. The comments section of Yahoo News is a great resource to gauge the pulse of the common man. Now that Ms. Clinton has taken up the battle cry [...]

    The post EPs Not To Blame for the Opiate Crisis appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    Core faculty publication requirements have turned some residencies into paper factories. Let’s take a hard look at why we do research, and what truly makes a better resident. I recently read an article in TIME magazine about the inappropriateness of many scientific medical publications. The article discussed how money is made and careers are enhanced [...]

    The post When it Comes to Accreditation, We Need to Get Beyond ‘Publish or Perish’ appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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  • 04/01/16--07:46: Women, Take the Stage!
  • Increasing the number of women speaking at educational conferences is low lying fruit for addressing some of the gender gap in emergency medicine. Here are some concrete tips to get us started. Close your eyes and channel your mind to the last big CME event that you attended. You’ve braved the crowded coffee lines and the awkward [...]

    The post Women, Take the Stage! appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    Advanced practice providers are becoming a mainstay in the emergency department, but are we turning away from EM’s founding principles? Recently I was arranging a memorial lecture in honor of one of the founders of emergency medicine. As I thought about this extraordinary person, I reflected upon his body of work, his leacy, and how [...]

    The post Does the Use of APPs Turn Back the Clock? appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    Want a better work/life balance? Hint – it’s not about being better at multitasking. I am tired of hearing about balance. We talk about it, we go to lectures on it, we give mandatory presentations on it to our interns. Yet few people would say they have actually achieved this elusive, zen state. In fact, [...]

    The post Less is More: Redefining Balance appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    60% of residents reported sexual abuse and workplace violence We are vulnerable. The emergency department is among the most frequent locations for violent events in the health care setting as patient flow is ever changing and patients often present with undifferentiated complaints and social issues. If the mention of “workplace violence” made you recall experiences [...]

    The post Workplace Violence – The Resident’s Perspective appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    The latest blow to the ACA exchange is bad news indeed, but some perspective is warranted. Aetna announced they will be departing from the Obamacare marketplaces in 11 of the 15 states they currently offer plans. This certainly does not look like a good sign, particularly on the heels of UnitedHealth and Humana cutting back [...]

    The post With Aetna Gone, Is ACA Dead? appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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  • 02/07/17--12:59: Why I Call My Patients
  • Why patient follow-up calls might actually deserve your time It’s 2:30 am, and I am taking a quick break in the call room after a busy start to the night shift in my small town ED. The nurse calls me out to see a 22-year-old male with abdominal pain. The patient has a history of [...]

    The post Why I Call My Patients appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    While the first attempt to repeal and replace the ACA came up short, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next. One thing is for sure: This isn’t our first rodeo, and we’d be wise to take a few lessons from history.  Repeal? Replace? Who will be covered? How will emergency care be affected? As emergency [...]

    The post Obamacare’s Future: Repeal, Replace or Revise appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    How the Physician Moms Group (PMG) became one of the most powerful physician communities on the internet. On the day my husband’s mother fell suddenly into a coma, I was over an hour away, and I felt helpless. I sent my husband ahead immediately and then sweated it out as I waited for my own [...]

    The post How the PMG Became the Mother of All Physician Support Groups appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    Have you ever dealt with a patient or specialist who is confused about the scope of emergency medicine? Here’s a quasi-mathematical way to think about it.   As a relative newcomer to the pantheon of medicine, emergency medicine sometimes requires more of an explanation than other specialties. Patients ask emergency medicine residents, “So what type [...]

    The post The Calculus of Emergency Medicine appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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    ABEM is growing wealthy, alongside the other medical boards, but they should remember their roots and choose a path of transparency. Drolet and Tandon, in their research letter to JAMA on August 1, dug up some numbers and gave some context to what a lot of practicing physicians were undoubtedly wondering: How does my specialty’s [...]

    The post ABEM Should Set an Example for Board Transparency appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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  • 11/13/17--09:50: Do EPs Need to Unionize?
  • Emergency physicians often find themselves on an uneven playing field when it comes to contract negotiations. And yet a union’s greatest weapon – the strike – runs contrary to the ethos of emergency medicine. Emergency physicians today often find themselves on an uneven playing field with their employers. Emergency physician practices have become increasingly consolidated, [...]

    The post Do EPs Need to Unionize? appeared first on Emergency Physicians Monthly.

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